Greet the Sea


Seattle native band, Greet the Sea, emerged in late 2015 as the culmination of sonic expression between four friends. Blending sweeping soundscapes, drum-heavy grooves, anthemic crescendos, and grounded melodic vocals the quartet’s sound is akin to their region of rainy weather, lush earthy colors, and foggy coastal highways.

After independently releasing their debut self-titled LP in November 2015, the group has performed live relentlessly across the Pacific Northwest, garnering a following while playing at iconic venues such as the Crocodile and Sunset Tavern.

Meanwhile, they’ve gained recognition with regular rotation across renowned radio stations like KEXP and “107.7 The End”. The band was featured by as one of “41 Seattle bands to watch in 2016” with additional blogs, publications, and digital outlets echoing a consensus on the group’s overall sound –

When I was a kid there were certain songs that, when played in the basement in a friend’s house, we could listen to over and over, encapsulated in our little dream song music world. The songs were expressive, emotive, swelling and reflective. That’s how I would describe “Take Shelter” by Greet the Sea. – The Monarch Review

Greet the Sea is currently performing live in support of their debut release, introducing new material, evolving their sound, and working towards a sophomore release.





  • Brett Shelton – Vocals, Guitar
  • Nik Pfeifer – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Ross Powell – Bass
  • Ryan Mulligan – Drums



Press Publications

I like big, beautiful, human sadness laid bare like this. Really pretty, really earnest stuff.

 – NadaMucho – 41 Seattle Bands We’re Watching in 2016

There is a strong, anthemic, post-rock vibe at play here with its sweeping soundscape. “Take Shelter” is the type of song that draws you in and requires repeated listens to fully absorb the intricacies of its layers and its overall artistry. It hooked me on first play and remains increasingly captivating after multiple spins.

 – The – Melodic Tonic, vol.26

The members of Greet the Sea released a stunning eponymous album with really rich content. These seven gems are shimmering new music that have a unique edge.  One grapples with comparisons… but really none exist.

 – Northwest Music Scene – Review

Their song ‘Take Shelter’ has a subtle yet powerful ambiance, and the drum-heavy groove captures you even before the dreamy vocals come in. Each instrument stands on its own sonically, making it easy to want to catch these guys live so you can take it all in, sight and sound.

 – Gigtown – Featured Artists Friday

Their debut EP has been a labor of love for the band and it shows. Every song on the record sounds like it’s been gone over with a fine-toothed comb — parted and jostled just right until every note falls into place just-so.

 – The Stereo Wire via DROP! Zine for Everett

Greet the Sea blends post-rock instrumentals with pop melodies and vocals, and the unique genre fusion is refreshing. The arrangements and performances are great, and the softer vocals balance the heavier, more intense sequences very well.

 – We Are Mirrors – Review






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